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New Video Series Addresses Reasons Why GDOT Should Select a Better 411 Connector

ROME, Ga. – [January 23, 2013] A diverse group of individuals and organizations is joining forces to urge the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) to find a better route to connect U.S. 411 and the city of Rome to I-75. The Coalition for the Right Road (CORR) today is launching a 12-week video campaign calling for an alternative route, instead of GDOT’s so-called Route D-VE.

Every other week, CORR will release a video featuring an interview with a prominent business or environmental leader to educate the public about the adverse economic and environmental effects of GDOT’s proposed route. Initial videos will feature Mark McDonald, president and CEO of the Georgia Trust; Pierre Howard, president of the Georgia Conservancy; Steve Webb, archeologist with R.S. Webb & Associates; and Tony Greco, an environmental scientist with Nutter & Associates, an environmental consulting firm. The videos will be posted on CORR’s YouTube page.

Members of CORR are opposed to Route D-VE for several reasons. First, D-VE will cost approximately $100 million more than the route that was originally proposed and favored by GDOT (Route G). Additionally, construction of Route D-VE would jeopardize endangered animals and plants, as well as a historic mining landscape site at Dobbins Mountain.

“Georgia Trust feels, as many other people do, that it is quite possible to preserve the Dobbins landscape for the benefit of future Georgians and future Americans, and also to build the road, which is needed by the citizens of Rome to connect them to I-75,” said McDonald in the first video, which launches today. “We feel that by working together we can find a different route, which will accomplish both purposes.”
Mary Martin, one of the leaders of CORR, said, “We are creating this video series so that members of our coalition can share their individual perspectives. We are committed to educating the people of North Georgia about why an alternate route is more fiscally responsible, is necessary to protect both environmentally sensitive areas and historic sites, and is, practically speaking, more likely to get built. We encourage everyone to watch the videos and share your thoughts and feedback with us.”

To watch the videos and learn more about CORR, including how you can get involved, please visit or