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Letter from Cartersville Ranch, LLC attorney corrects Rome/Floyd County officials about 411 Connector

It appears yet again that Rome and Floyd County officials can’t seem to get their facts straight about the 411 Connector, GDOT’s environmental work (or lack thereof) and more. Thankfully, Cartersville Ranch, LLC attorney Henry Parkman explained the cold, hard facts to them about this ill-conceived route and took the time to correct their continued falsehoods. To read the series of letters from Parkman and Rome/Floyd County, CLICK HERE.

(It also includes letters from Senator Mullis, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and Georgia Department of Natural Resources, which point out the errors in Rome/Floyd County’s original correspondence.)


Listen to recent WRGA-AM interviews with attorney for Cartersville Ranch, LLC about the 411 Connector

So you missed the recent Hometown Headlines radio interviews with Cartersville Ranch, LLC attorney Henry Parkman about the 411 Connector? No worries, we’ve got you covered.

In the recent interviews Parkman discussed several issues (e.g. cost, environmental, etc.) about GDOT’s proposed route (Route D-VE). He also addressed the latest development about the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ certification (now permanent protection) of the wildlife refuge on Dobbins Mountain.

To listen to the interviews, CLICK HERE and HERE. (Place your cursor over the speaker and a menu of audio options will appear.)

Euharlee Wildlife Refuge on Dobbins Mountain is Certified by State

In a major development, the director of the Wildlife Resources Division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources recently certified that the Euharlee conservation easement at Dobbins Mountain provides “wildlife habitat protection through the conservation of high priority species and habitats.” Click here to read the letter.

Now that DNR has certified that one of the major purposes and functions of the conservation easement is for a wildlife refuge, together with the City of Euharlee’s designation of the easement as a significant wildlife refuge, federal law requires GDOT to abandon its proposed 411 Connector route (Route D-VE), and to pursue a feasible and prudent alternative. Once the Federal Highway Administration acknowledges these determinations by DNR and the City of Euharlee, the wildlife refuge at Dobbins Mountain will be permanently preserved.