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Coalition to Protest GDOT’s U.S. 411 Connector at Public Forum; Route is Massive Waste of Taxpayer Money & Imminent Environmental Threat to County

WHO:  Coalition for the Right Road (CORR) is an organization of Georgia citizens committed to making sure the U.S. 411 Connector is built with minimal environmental impact and at the lowest cost to taxpayers. CORR is opposed to the Georgia Department of Transportation’s (GDOT) current plans for the 411 Connector (Route D-VE) because of its excessive cost, its inefficient interchange, and the harm it will cause to the environment.

Leaders from CORR, who are very familiar with the issues facing the connector, will be available for comment.

WHAT:  GDOT is hosting a public forum to review federally funded projects in Bartow County, which includes the proposed 411 Connector. Route D-VE will cost taxpayers at least $100 million more than alternative Route G, is longer in distance, will take significantly longer to construct and face legal issues from nearby landowners. GDOT wants to unnecessarily blast through Dobbins Mountain, further jeopardize the threatened and federally-protected Cherokee darter, and bisect the 107-acre Euharlee wildlife refuge and historic Dobbins Mine.

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service recently stated that GDOT has still not studied the potential for acidic drainage from the required road cut at Dobbins Mountain or 1,000 linear feet of streams it missed in the path of Route D-VE.

Other alternate routes studied by GDOT are more cost effective and less environmentally intrusive, and alleviate local traffic congestion.

WHEN:  Tuesday, August 23 (5 to 7 pm)

WHERE:  GDOT District Six Office (Conference Room); 500 Joe Frank Harris Parkway, Cartersville

VISUALS:  A crowd of passionate residents negatively impacted by the route. Affected citizens will be expressing their displeasure (with signage) and encouraging GDOT and elected officials to select a route that does not waste taxpayer money, is shorter, requires less construction time, and preserves our environment and way of life.


Letter to U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Confirms GDOT Has Failed to Study Dobbins Mountain

Listed below is a letter from Cartersville Ranch, LLC attorney Henry Parkman to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service regarding Dobbins Mountain. To date, GDOT has STILL not studied the mountain for potential acidic drainage issues; nor has GDOT recommended a mitigation plan to contain any harmful runoff.

Interestingly, the letter notes that GDOT is well-aware of acidic drainage issues on other state road projects (read example listed by Parkman), yet GDOT has failed to test Dobbins Mountain’s acidic soil and geology. It’s a very interesting, worthwhile read about the potential environmental problem facing Bartow County and Cartersville.

(Click on the images to enlarge the letter.)


WRGA-AM interview: Attorney says GDOT’s environmental work for Route D-VE remains incomplete

Yesterday morning on the Hometown Headlines radio show on WRGA-AM, Cartersville Ranch, LLC attorney Henry Parkman addressed several issues (e.g. cost, environmental, etc.) with GDOT’s proposed U.S. 411 Connector route (Route D-VE). GDOT’s failure thus far to study Dobbins Mountain and the potential for acidic drainage into nearby streams and waterways was a major topic of discussion.

To listen to the complete interview, click here. (Place your cursor over the speaker and a menu of audio options will appear.)

Neighborhoods next to Dobbins Mountain and proposed route for U.S. 411 Connector


U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service letter says GDOT has yet to study Dobbins Mountain for acidic drainage issues

GDOT has failed to study Dobbins Mountain for potential acidic drainage issues, says the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. This means GDOT’s environmental work remains incomplete, which is contrary to their claims. It also means until GDOT completes the required work, the agency will not receive any federal funds or permits for the controversial road project. To date, GDOT has not even requested access on to Cartersville Ranch, LLC to study the mountain’s geologic conditions.

Pictured below is the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service letter about this developing issue. (Click on the images to enlarge the letter.)