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Georgia Chapter of the Sierra Club Schedules Outing at Cartersville Ranch, LLC



Georgia Chapter of the Sierra Club Schedules Outing at Cartersville Ranch, LLC

Members and Supporters to Hike Dobbins Mountain and Learn About Controversial U.S. 411 Connector

WHO: The Georgia Chapter of the Sierra Club, an organization that empowers Georgians to preserve, protect and enjoy our environment, is celebrating Earth Day this year by going back to its John Muir (founder of the Sierra Club) roots. The organization is hosting a hike on Dobbins Mountain, as part of a larger series, so members and supporters can learn about the sensitive habitat and threatened species that will be impacted by the U.S. 411 Connector.

WHAT: Attendees will hike and learn about the Georgia Department of Transportation’s proposed route (Route D-VE) for the environmentally damaging highway, which is planned to cut through Dobbins Mountain. The mountain is located on the beautiful 1800-acre Cartersville Ranch, LLC and is home to a 100-acre conservation easement and historic mine. As currently designed, the mountain, easement and mine will be destroyed by the road and two local watersheds – that are home to the threatened and federally protected Cherokee darter – will be negatively impacted.

WHEN: Saturday, April 9, 2011 – 9 am to 12 pm.

COST: To support the Georgia Chapter’s work to protect these environmentally sensitive and vital habitats a suggested donation of $100 is requested per participant, per trip. Attendees are encouraged to be as generous as possible, as it will help support the organization’s conservation work across the state.

WHERE: Cartersville Ranch, LLC

2051 US Highway 411 NE

Cartersville, Ga. 30121

(See map for additional details)

VISUALS: Chapter members and supporters will hike the scenic property on and around Dobbins Mountain. Attendees will see abundant wildlife and plant life on the ranch property and mountain. Sections of the proposed right-of-way and centerline will be flagged so visitors can see (up close) Route D-VE.

SIGN-UP: To sign-up for the outing/hike, visit the Sierra Club website and/or contact Outing Leader Lee Thomas at

Dobbins Mountain - future location of GDOT's proposed U.S. 411 Connector



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