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Online petition drive; we need your help!


The rough weather and time constraints due to the holidays have limited our efforts to collect petition signatures against Route D-VE. To keep up the momentum (of our 1,000+ signatures so far), we’re asking all of our friends and supporters to email our online petition to your email address book.  Here is the link for the petition:

Best part is, it literally takes a few seconds to complete the petition.

Some will say, this road doesn’t apply to me. Not true.

The state of Georgia is planning to spend (err waste) federal dollars, about $22 to $25 million, on the construction of this road that is 2.5 miles longer and costs $182 million more than alternate routes, destroys a mountain and conservation easement, blasts through a historic mine, negatively impacts the threatened and federally protected Cherokee darter and more.

As you can see, this is a complete waste of your tax dollars when other shorter, cheaper and more efficient routes exist.  Help us stop Route D-VE today!

Thank you.



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