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CORR in the Community


In recent weeks, members of Coalition for the Right Road attended the Euharlee Covered Bridge Fall Festival and Cartersville Business Showcase to educate residents and business owners about the Georgia Department of Transportation’s costly, environmentally destructive Route D-VE.

At the events, the coalition successfully obtained hundreds of signatures to stop the proposed route and reached thousands of residents with our message. Also, CORR presented maps and diagrams of the 411 Connector to attendees and distributed petitions, fact sheets, stickers, etc. at the events. The positive reception was overwhelming.

Shockingly, hundreds of residents knew very little about the road’s ballooning cost estimate (now $280 million and climbing), negative environmental impacts and complicated, dangerous interchange at I-75…. even after GDOT’s “18 public meetings” about the road.

CORR is planning to participate in additional community events and we need your help. If you would like to attend and provide assistance, please email us at Just an hour of your time could make a huge difference in this ongoing fight.

A special thanks to everyone that has worked tirelessly to help stop this ill-fated route. Also, thanks to those of you that attended the recent events on behalf of CORR. Together we can and will stop this route.



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