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CORR’s membership memo now available (document enclosed)

The Coalition for the Right Road will start posting a periodic membership memo recapping project developments about the U.S. 411 Connector and upcoming events and specific action items to raise visibility and awareness in the community.

CLICK ON THIS LINK to read the coalition membership memo, (Volume 1) when possible and let us know if/how you can help us advance our cause. Remember, a little can go a long ways, as it could lead to a new contact that has influential connections, new members, additional petition signatures and much more.

Feel free to share this attachment/document with your email contacts, family, friends, Facebook friends, etc.



Coalition for the Right Road on this week’s Cartersville UNCUT

In case you haven’t heard, the coalition appeared on this week’s Cartersville UNCUT television program (on local cable channel 25 in Bartow County) to discuss GDOT’s ill-fated design for the U.S. 411 Connector. The coalition spot starts around 5:37 minutes into the show and outlines several concerns about GDOT’s proposed route.

View this week’s show on YouTube. Nice work, CORR. Stay tuned for more updates.


Coalition for the Right Road Collects Approximately 1,000 Signatures Against Proposed Route for the U.S. 411 Connector

Residents Support Cheaper, Shorter Alternate Route with Little Environmental Impact

(Cartersville, Ga.) – The Coalition for the Right Road (CORR), an organization of Georgia citizens committed to making sure the U.S. 411 Connector is built cheaper, safer and with minimal environmental impact, announced today the group has obtained about 1,000 signatures from residents in Bartow County (and beyond) to stop the Georgia Department of Transportation’s (GDOT) proposed design, Route D-VE, for the U.S. 411 Connector.

CORR’s membership has surged into the hundreds and has been extremely active in the community in recent weeks. The coalition has participated in several local events, parades and business meetings, presented at the Cartersville City Council and Bartow County Commission meetings, attended GDOT board meetings and more. Membership is open to anyone who supports a shorter, cheaper and less environmentally impactful route for the connector.

Route D-VE is expected to cost taxpayers more than $280 million – making it a $182 million more expensive than GDOT’s originally proposed design, Route G. The current route is 2.5 miles longer and requires twice as many expensive bridges and overpasses than Route G. It also will destroy Dobbins Mountain and historic Dobbins Mine, and negatively impacts a 100-acre significant wildlife refuge on the mountain. GDOT’s road requires a costly, complicated and dangerous interchange with I-75 and needlessly jeopardizes the threatened and federally-protected Cherokee darter.

Cherokee darter

“Route D-VE is a colossal waste of taxpayer money and environmental destruction of the worst kind,” said Leslie Crawford, member of Coalition for the Right Road. “Obviously, this route is not as popular as GDOT thinks. We have discovered that thousands of residents in Bartow County and Cartersville are completely unaware of the road’s excessive cost and pending environmental destruction. Other routes, such as Route G, would save the state $182 million and would affect significantly fewer residents and landowners while serving the exact same purpose.”

The Coalition for the Right Road (CORR) is an organization of Georgia citizens committed to making sure the U.S. 411 Connector is built at the lowest cost to taxpayers with minimal environmental impact. CORR is opposed to the Georgia Department of Transportation’s current plans for the 411 Connector – Route D-VE – because of its high cost, inefficient interchange and environmental destruction. The coalition is committed to raising awareness of shorter, cheaper and less destructive routes, and is open to anyone who shares these concerns. For more information, visit or find us on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.


Monthly coalition meeting this Thurs. at 6 pm in Cartersville

Join us for our monthly coalition meeting  (see flyer for details, directions, etc.) this Thurs. at 6 p.m. at the Church at Liberty Square in Cartersville.  The coalition is planning to provide an update about the road project, recap of latest meetings and events in the community, discuss upcoming events and more. We hope you can join us.

The Coalition is an organization committed to ensuring the U.S. 411 Connector is built at the lowest cost to taxpayers with minimal impact to the environment. Membership/attendance is open to anyone who shares these concerns.

CORR in the Community

In recent weeks, members of Coalition for the Right Road attended the Euharlee Covered Bridge Fall Festival and Cartersville Business Showcase to educate residents and business owners about the Georgia Department of Transportation’s costly, environmentally destructive Route D-VE.

At the events, the coalition successfully obtained hundreds of signatures to stop the proposed route and reached thousands of residents with our message. Also, CORR presented maps and diagrams of the 411 Connector to attendees and distributed petitions, fact sheets, stickers, etc. at the events. The positive reception was overwhelming.

Shockingly, hundreds of residents knew very little about the road’s ballooning cost estimate (now $280 million and climbing), negative environmental impacts and complicated, dangerous interchange at I-75…. even after GDOT’s “18 public meetings” about the road.

CORR is planning to participate in additional community events and we need your help. If you would like to attend and provide assistance, please email us at Just an hour of your time could make a huge difference in this ongoing fight.

A special thanks to everyone that has worked tirelessly to help stop this ill-fated route. Also, thanks to those of you that attended the recent events on behalf of CORR. Together we can and will stop this route.


More from GDOT: No current cost estimate for Route D-VE

As promised, below is the latest round of information regarding GDOT’s proposed design, Route D-VE, and its cost.


1. Can you explain in the attached STIP document (circled) how you got the $182,446,319 construction figure for the connector project? I am looking for a breakdown of this number – considering it’s more current.

2. Also, why does it differ from the information you sent [see link to documents they sent]?

GDOT answer:

The cost estimate documents [estimate – part 1 and estimate – part 2 = total cost of approximately $153 million] I provided to you are from 2008 estimates [for the U.S. 411 Connector].  The draft STIP document dated July 2010 does show different figures, but first, it is important to remember that those are in a draft form and not final figures.  Most importantly, is the fact that the draft STIP figures also include inflation costs at 4% per year compounded annually.  The draft STIP estimate of $182,446,319 is provided in the long range date of “after 2014”, so the figure includes year’s worth of inflation costs added to it.

We are in the process of updating all of the cost estimates for the project; however, I do not know when the updated figures will be completed.

I hope that this helps.



Follow-up question:

So, there’s no current estimate for the 411 Connector project – and specifically the D-VE interchange at I-75?

GDOT answer:

The estimates I forwarded to you with my original request are the most current with the breakdown of specific costs that you had requested. There are new estimates being worked on at this time, but I do not have an anticipated date of completion at this point.