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Tell GDOT Board Members to Stop Route D-VE


The coalition is asking members/supporters to please mail or fax letters to GDOT board members opposing the proposed design of the U.S. 411 Connector (Route D-VE), which is expected to cost state taxpayers more than $280 million (or $182 million more than alternate routes).

Contact information for GDOT Board Members.

Obviously, we know where GDOT Board Member David Doss stands on the issue, so please focus your efforts on other board members. Those members might be interested in learning why building the cheapest, shortest road is not a priority and why Doss insists on wasting hundreds of millions of dollars that other board members could use to fund road projects in their district.

Moreover, board members need to know about the specific negative impact you will experience from Route D-VE and the severe environmental destruction (to Dobbins Mountain, significant wildlife refuge, historic Dobbins Mine, Nancy Creek and Pettit Creek Watersheds, Cherokee darter, etc.) that will occur in Bartow County.

Please enlist the help of your family, friends, neighbors, etc. and ask them to send a quick letter to the GDOT board.

ALSO, please sign our petition to stop this route. (FYI – we have hundreds more signed-up on hard copy versions of the petition.)

For more immediate 411 Connector updates, check us out on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.



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