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CORR Attends GDOT Board Meeting; Meets Privately with Doss and Ross


CORR members (in red) observe at monthly GDOT state transportation board meeting.

Earlier this month, Coalition for the Right Road (CORR) chartered a bus to attend GDOT’s monthly state transportation board meeting on August 19.

More than 30 CORR members, dressed in red and wearing stickers touting “There’s Another Way” and “Stop D-VE,” were a noticeable presence to both the GDOT board and others in attendance. Despite repeated attempts, CORR was stonewalled from being on the meeting’s agenda to voice concerns and worries about GDOT’s proposed route for the connector.

Fortunately, David Doss, state transportation board member for District 11 and Gerald Ross, GDOT chief engineer/deputy commissioner, agreed to meet with CORR members after the meeting. The group asked several pointed, hard, technical questions which had Ross notably disturbed from the outset, rolling his eyes at CORR members’ questions and interrupting members before they could finish a question. After 20 minutes or so of intense questioning, Mr. Ross stormed out of the room in dramatic fashion. However, Doss continued discussions with CORR, although many questions were met with “I don’t have that information in front of me,” or “I don’t know.”

CORR realizes that both Mr. Doss and Mr. Ross have extremely busy schedules, and we – both as a group and individually – appreciate the time and attention our concerns were given. Nevertheless, the facts still don’t add up, and the explanations given do not justify wasting millions of tax dollars and the environmental destruction that Route D-VE will bring to Bartow County.

To voice your concerns about Route D-VE, sign our petition or share your opinions on Facebook or Twitter.



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