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City of Euharlee to preserve Dobbins Mountain land on proposed 411 Connector route

Big news out of Euharlee this week – and it’s applicable to the 411 Connector. The Euharlee City Council voted to acquire 100.5 acres under a conservation easement on Dobbins Mountain. It just so happens the easement is where GDOT wants to construct the Connector – otherwise known as the David Doss Highway.  See media coverage.

Cartersville Daily Tribune-News

Rome News-Tribune


Dobbins Mountain cut: Four 747s, sitting wingtip-to-wingtip & in height to a 12 story building

One has to think, what is GDOT thinking below? This map was one of the most popular (and laughable considering GDOT’s financial woes) at last month’s informational sessions on Dobbins Mountain.

Ironically, when they built I-75, GDOT went around Dobbins Mountain and now several years later (when they have NO MONEY) they want to cut right through it.

This portion of the road will require an 800 foot wide, 125 foot deep gash to be blasted through the Bartow County landmark. That’s roughly equivalent in width to that of four 747s, sitting wingtip-to-wingtip, and in height to a 12 story building.

We’re sure all those neighborhoods adjacent to the mountain can’t wait for this part of the project.


CORR Member Speaks Out

Local Bartow County resident Diane Wilkins Pruitt shares her views against the destruction of Dobbins Mountain — as proposed by GDOT’s “Route D” — to build the U.S. 411 Connector in Georgia.