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Experts Tell Troubled Story about US 411 Connector at Dobbins Mountain Presentations

Last week’s events at the Rollins Ranch in Cartersville gave attendees a new perspective of the proposed U.S. 411 Connector project. Experts in engineering, transportation and biology discussed the monetary and environmental impacts Route D would have on residents of Bartow and Floyd. Guests were also invited to take a tour of Dobbins Mountain after the event to see where the center line and right-of-way will cut through the mountain.

Walking the property that Route D would destroy helped several realize… Route D is a poor choice on all fronts for three main reasons:

  1. ACCESS: Route D doesn’t solve the problem. It doesn’t offer easy, direct access to Atlanta for Rome and Floyd County residents. Also, experts indicate that the “atypical” interchange GDOT plans for Route D at I-75 will increase congestion, safety concerns and traffic jams.
  2. COST: Route D costs millions more than other more feasible, shorter routes.
  3. ENVIRONMENT: Route D would cause environmental destruction. Blasting through Dobbins Mountain would threaten Etowah River Basin ecosystems and many “at-risk” species. The Cherokee Darter is endemic to the Etowah River Basin, meaning it is found nowhere else in the world, and is listed as an endangered species.



VIDEO: Stop the Road. Save Dobbins Mountain.

Residents and Coalition members share their views on why Route D is the “wrong route” for the proposed US411 Connector.



Coalition meeting last night

Last night’s meeting was very successful and thanks to all that attended.  The coalition was able to identify group leaders and develop an action plan for the weeks ahead. We plan on hosting another meeting in the next few weeks, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, identify others that might be negatively impacted by this road and have them attend the next meeting and/or contact local newspapers and elected officials to register their disgust.

Remember, this coalition is not against the road.  We’re for a cheaper, shorter, quicker and environmentally friendly route… And Route D is NOT it.